Being Present

        A lot of people have issues with  focusing on the present. I am one of them. We are all so busy with sports, friends, family, work, hobbies, etc that sometimes we forget to remember we’re living in the now. Throughout this journey I’ve gotten frustrated because  I’m not always conscious of what I want to do. Therefore I end up doing things I don’t necessarily like myself doing. For example drinking beer, ordering food I wouldn’t deem fit for my food plan, spending money, staying up too late, sleeping in. I know how I feel about each of these things, which is why I’ve chosen to make certain life changes. No matter how miniscule or how massive these choices are, they are still important to me. However if I really want that beer or that food I wont get angry at myself for indulging.

         I am doing all of this because I believe it makes me happier and makes me into a better person for myself, my future and my friends and family.

         But sometimes it’s hard to realize what I am doing before I do it. I realize it wont come easily, change takes time and a lot of effort.

          So I’ve been thinking of little ways to become more present in my life. Hopefully some of these things will help you as well.

The List:

         You know when people say, “Make a list.” When you’re stressed or have a lot to do and you sort of brush it off? Well they’re not in the wrong, making a list seriously helps. Sometimes you don’t realize how much stuff you have going on in your head. You have an essay due, and readings that have to be done and a thing for work, and you have to pick up supplies and food and…. And each second you use up thinking “OK what do I have to do after this, then what do I have after that?” If you write it all down in a list you are more inclined to focus on the thing you’re doing now, in the present.
        Making a list helps your mind relax because it knows you’ve taken the time to already map out what you have to do. Not to mention when you start crossing out each thing you feel super accomplished!


           I understand that meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea but even if you make the choice to sit there for five minutes a day you’ll see a difference. The type of meditation you want to do to make yourself aware of being in the present is… well, awareness meditation. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and use each one of your senses. Focus on one at a time and become aware of the way it feels or sounds or smells or tastes in the moment. And if one sensation wants to grab your attention, let it. It’s all about being in the moment.
If you take the time to becoming aware of focusing on the present for this exercise it will come more easily to you throughout the day.

Write Them Down:

           Write down the things you want to enjoy in the moment. Write down the things you overlook and do because you aren’t present. Really focus on each one of these things and think about them in depth. That way when you come to them next time your mind will be more inclined to remember to be aware of what you’re doing.

        It is really just about training your mind, which I admit is not easy. But remember its your life and no one else can make changes except you. So if you see something you want, something that will make you happy, be aware of it! And on your way to fulfilling your dreams, live each moment out passionately!

Be Aware,
Tori J Wilcox


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