Developing My Passions and My Ideas

        I had an interesting experience the other week where someone told me my dream of being in the theater program wasn’t realistic, nor could they see me being accepted.

        It came rather unexpectedly and in a situation where I did not think I was going to have to defend myself or my dream. I was literally so confused that I did a poor job of convincing this person other wise. So I walked away feeling blind sided and like shit.

        I know I want to make this change, I know how passionate I am about theater, so why didn’t they see this? So I decided to write all my thoughts and feelings down. Some of it may not make sense but I really just wanted to show you the process of how I realized how I can make theater into a job and not just an undergrad.

Why theater?

        Take responsibility, it’s not her fault that she is trying to push you out of your comfort zone. She wants you to realize no one is going to just hand this over to you. You have to fight for it, you have to take it. ‘But I thought by deciding to change my major and making that huge choice I was fighting for it! I thought I was taking a risk and it was a big deal!’ Well it was, for you at least, how are they supposed to know your passion if you don’t show it?
        Since I can remember I wanted to act and be creative. But I never had that push, no one ever pushed me like I needed them too. Yes, people were supportive but I never reached out to someone and asked them to really help me with it. Then I realized I have to do it myself, its my life. I have to fight for what I want, I have to take responsibility for my own happiness.

Why does theater make you happy?

        I love connecting with myself, pushing my limits, creating with other people. I believe in doing things I am passionate about and being creative opens up your happiness, opens up your life!
        I love the way it makes me feel. How? Free, happy, exhilarated, passionate, accomplished, rested, fulfilled, connected.  You know how they say when you love someone you just know, I just know I love this! When I auditioned in 2009 it was one of the best days of my life! I loved the connections, the atmosphere. I loved myself. I want to love what I do and I want to collaberate with people. I want to fight! I want to learn and grow and try and succeed and feel in love with that I do.

Find yourself so that you can present yourself clearly, without fog. Show yourself!

How can you take your undergrad and make it mean more in collaboration with your life and business?

Theater – Rehabilitation – use theater/acting techniques!

Lifestyle coach – helping people – “rehabilitation” – theater techniques – help people. — Become “one” with yourself, understand you, what goes into “you”. Take responsibility for yourself.

Creative/ Art – Rehabilitate lifestyles.

How? Finding root, connecting with self, awareness.

Skills which help you to understand and control and consciously contribute to your life/lifestyle.

People supporting the arts… I want it to be… arts supporting the people!!


        Before this experience I was viewing my undergrad and my business as two separate things. I believed that being in an undergraduate program that I loved and felt passionate about would somehow contribute to helping me succeed in my business. However when this person asked me what I wanted to do with theater and told me that being passionate about it doesn’t pay the bills, I was forced to realize my true idea. Which is molding both into a sort of Creative lifestyle rehabilitation coach.

        People will try and put you down, or push you around but it is up to you to take those experiences and use them to fuel your dreams and your passions.

You have dreams for a reason, to fulfill them.

Fight for your passion!
Tori J Wilcox


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