The Beginning

           I’ve created this blog to chronicle my journey of finding balance and wellness. Meaning I will be changing my lifestyle in ways that will help me to further achieve my goals and become closer to the person I want to be and see myself being. I expect this journey to be hard, tedious and exciting. It will be a long journey with many steps. I have good intentions, I am trying to view this change as one of pleasure and growth, therefore not putting stress on myself, seeing as stress is the last thing I’ve want to achieve within the lifestyle I wish to have. 

         This lifestyle is one where I have a close relationship with wellness so I may have balance in my life regarding nutrition, fitness, finance, creativity and love.

         Since I am a student I know very well that there will be times when the lifestyle I want seems far out of reach, however I am determined to keep a positive outlook and make these changes as easy as possible. Meaning taking my current lifestyle into account and understanding the patience I must have during this journey.

         This is me, a twenty-three year old university student, taking control over my life physically, mentally, creatively and lovingly so that I may help others to do the same in the future.

I am Tori J Wilcox and this is my journey.

(Note: This post was made on May 22nd, 2011 at


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