When I Am Ready

        Today I officially started my journey with yoga and meditation. I woke up and I thought to myself I am going to start my day with yoga and meditation. It was a simple thought, one that just happened, I believe because I was finally ready.
        Two posts ago I mentioned how hard it is to get out of routine. Lately my routine has been getting up between 9:00-9:30am, making breakfast and going on my laptop. I find it relaxing to go online and do my thing, however, it sucks me in. Before I know it its three hours later and I’ve been watching TV online, frequently checking Facebook, etc. Then I get frustrated because I know I’m on this wonderful journey and I should be doing more. I know I don’t like this routine or what it leads me to and that is the first step.

        I said earlier in this blog that I would try not to stress myself out, which is why I am not forcing a lot of this change. I know where I want to change and what I want to do for myself. So slowly I am opening myself up to these changes.

         Part of making changes is realizing when you’re ready to get the ball rolling on something specific, like making meditation a part of my morning routine. I woke up today and I felt passionate and excited about meditating. So I knew I was ready. I was ready to make good on my intentions to change my morning routine.

         Just knowing what I want to introduce into my life was the first step. And at first that was enough for me. Keeping these goals and values in sight has been rewarding and tough, but as I continue on this journey I make more and more changes. These changes come when I am ready. Not when other people think I should be ready, or even when I think I’m ready. When I’m ready, I know, I don’t think. I literally feel it and know it consciously. Also most of the time, at that point, the change is easy and it just happens without having to make myself do it. 

        My most successful change so far has been my diet. As soon as I decided I really wanted to change my eating habits, I did. For so long I had always said I wanted to eat healthier, but never did. Because I didn’t want it bad enough at the time, it wasn’t a priority. Now its incredibly easy, I can resist junk food, in fact I don’t really want it. I am now consciously aware that I am eating properly to provide for and take care of my body.

        Once you make the conscious choice to really change yourself for the better and know you really, truly, want it, you can achieve all of your goals. People are so scared of change, I know I am. It takes a lot of courage and trust in yourself. YOU have your life in your hands. Sometimes I don’t think people really realize this. They don’t realize the importance of it. Your life is yours, no ones but yours, you have to take responsibility for you. And since your life is in YOUR hands, just think of what you can accomplish. You remove your own obstacles, you make your life choices, it all comes down to you. Once you realize this you can really feel the overwhelming power of being in control. It is up to you to seek knowledge and help. 

        Just because I say it is all up to you doesn’t mean you are in this alone, in fact the opposite is true. It is up to you to seek others out and to put your intentions out into the universe so you can find people who can help you and who you can help in return. This is not an independent journey, every journey has other journeys intertwined in some way. In fact I would not be here without a journey or two, or three, or four, of the people I have in my life.

        I really can’t tell you how lucky I feel that I woke up and realized what I wanted to do. I wish I could tell you the secret. But for me I feel that all of a sudden, I was just ready. I was ready to take my future into my own hands. I was inspired to take all the things in my life that inspire me and put them to use.

       The most important thing is to invest in yourself. Make yourself happy and enjoy life, because that is when you open yourself up to so many wonderful things that you deserve. After doing yoga and meditation today I feel wonderful, I feel beautiful inside and out! And the best part is that it was all easy, simple, beginners stuff. You have to start somewhere, right? So think about something you want to try or are interested in and become a beginner.

Take control,
Tori J Wilcox


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