Your Mind and It’s Power

I was first introduced to The Secret (by Rhonda Byrne) by my brother a few years ago. I was inspired and intrigued by the Law of Attraction; it made a lot of sense to me, like the information had been right in front of my face all along. At the time little things started to happen to me that made me believe more strongly. I would be thinking of a specific song by The Beatles and it would come on at work, over a radio station that only plays Top 40 music. I would believe that money comes easily and frequently and I started getting raises and cheques in the mail, among other things.

However as time passed it became less of a prominent thought in my mind. Though I still strongly believe and can still see evidence of how strongly it works.

So when I went to Chapters yesterday (for the second time in a day might I add) just for fun to browse and roam around. I ended up in a section I never go to, the audio book section. Suddenly I saw the audio book for The Secret. I was amazed… Hadn’t I just been focusing a lot of my thoughts on needing help to get back on track. I was reaching out with my mind to find help… and ironically The Secret found its way back to me via the Law of Attraction. I hesitated for a second, “Do I spend the money on this?” But then I felt it… that light shining inside me and I knew I couldn’t walk out of the store without it. It was the answer to my call for help.

I want you to think of two different people. The first being someone who is always happy and always getting what they want, someone who very rarely complains to you, etc. Then I want you to think of a person who is constantly complaining to you, most of their complaints sound like a broken record don’t they? They never seem to be happy and they often spend their time doing the same things over and over again, feeling unsatisfied.

Now this all connects with my belief that surrounding yourself with things you love and things you are passionate about helps to make your life a joyous place. Being passionate and loving the things in your life will attract more like things. If you let yourself sit in and watch TV all the time and you feel that anxiety of your life passing you by… you will constantly be surrounded by those thoughts and feelings. The only way to change that starts with you.

The Law of Attraction starts with you. Those complaints that person has often sound like a broken record because as they think and focus on the things they don’t like or don’t want… they attract more like thoughts and feelings.
The same goes for the person who is often happy and getting what they want and barely complaining. Whether they know it or not they are using the Law of Attraction to their benefit.

The reason I’m writing about this today is because I want you to take more notice in your thoughts. Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool. I always say YOU have the power, YOU have the responsibility and the control to make changes in your life. The Law of Attraction is a positive tool, harness your thoughts and use it to your advantage.

Go out and buy the movie or the book or the audio book. If you need help, ask for it.

Positive thinking,
Tori Wilcox


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