Gratitude and Love For Ones Self

Please expect a few upcoming posts that will most likely have to do with my current journey involving The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Two things the teachers of The Secret tell you to do is make a Gratitude List and a I Love Me List. I’m going to share with you a few things from each of my own personal lists. (These are not necessarily in order of my actual list)

My Gratitude List
1. I am grateful for my parents, for their love and for showing me how to love myself. As well as for the way they have provided for me and the opportunities they have given me.
2. I am grateful for my brother for always believing in me and for showing me the way to my journey.
3. I am grateful for the practices that have come my way, such as Meditation and Yoga.
4. I am grateful for my creative nature and each opportunity to be creative.
5. I am grateful for my abundance of wellness and balance.

The Gratitude List (mine right now sits at 34) has the purpose of showing you just how amazing your life if right now. If you are grateful, you are sending out positive energy. The more positive energy you send out the more you will experience within yourself.
The teachers of The Secret encourage you to also write down things you would be grateful for if you had them. Thinking of them will help them to be true. So write down the things you are grateful for but also for the things you want. Soon they will all be available in the present if you wish them to be.

My “I Love Me” List
1. I love my passion for learning different life impacting practices.
2. I love my passion for creativity and the arts and how much I believe they influence and change lives.
3. I love my relationship with my family and how much I cherish their company and their love.
4. I love my passion for The Secret and the Law of Attraction.
5. I love my passion for truly helping and inspiring others to live their happiest lives.

The I Love Me List (I am currently at 6) serves the purpose of encouraging positive thoughts towards yourself and also the way you live. You MUST love yourself unconditionally. Making this list will open your eyes to things you never even thought of yourself before. The more you love yourself the more you love the people around you, and the more you can give to the people you care about. (This is also a good tool to weed out the people who don’t treat you well. Once you realize how amazing you are, your energy will shift and soon only the people who truly care about you and believe you to be amazing will still be around).

Making the things you want in life manifest from thoughts to things is a big step towards change. You have to be willing to live your life for you! Do you think you are worth the change? Do you think you deserve to be happy? I know you do. So start making these lists and add to them each day and take the time to be grateful for your life!

Do not feel discouraged if these things don’t happen immediately. Keep investing in yourself and you will be rewarded!

Love life,
Tori J Wilcox


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