When Does Life Start?

So I’ve been reflecting on a thought I’ve been known to have. It’s also a thought that I share with a lot of my friends. I often find us saying, “I’m so excited for my life to finally start.” And by saying this we mean we’re excited to be out of school and have a career, and have a property or a home and… well have a stable life.

We make choices every day that make us happy, don’t we? We make choices that we think will benefit us, don’t we?

So why it is, that we are all living our lives and yet can’t wait to start our lives?

It seems to me that we have all been  raised to think all of this, the school and the summer jobs is just a means to an end so we can get to the real picture. But you know what scares me and has scared me for a long time? Is what if when we get there we realize our life still hasn’t started yet. There will always be things that we want to achieve wont there? Will they all fill us with the sense that without them everything is just a means to an end, is it all just a cycle?

Man that sounds terrible! So what do we want? What is stopping us from spending our time NOW doing what we want? How can we fix this feeling of longing?

Well I think the first step is to really sit down and think, to realize with every sense of ones self that we are living right now. I’m alive, I was born on February 2nd, 1988 and on that day my life started.

I think what we need is a new perspective. This is our life, right now, right here. We have the control, we got ourselves here. Wow, how powerful is that? To realize that for the last almost twenty-four years I have been already living my life. I have done whatever it is I did to get myself here, right now. Which must mean that I can go on living my life being in control. Perhaps I was on autopilot, well now its time to fly the plane being conscious of the choices I make.

Instead of constantly looking a head and thinking “I’ll be happy when…” you have to realize that if you don’t take control of your life now you wont just magically be happy when you get there.

So since you are in control of the choices you make, and I know it may not seem like you are sometimes, but you truly are. This means you can make yourself happy now. You can take the life you’ve given yourself now and with some hard work you wont have to keep saying “I’ll be to happy when my life starts.” I mean if that is the case then you should be happy now shouldn’t you? Since your life started the day you were born.


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