Personal Update

Hey all!

So I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. I feel happy! I feel more in control than I ever remember feeling. I’m actively starting to change my moods and my experiences.

For example I woke up Monday morning and I had a serious case of “It’s Monday, and I’m moody”. (Blue Mountain left me in a bit of a slump because of lack of sleep). I was on my way to acupuncture, not in the mood at all, but I started to remember, its up to me to change this mood. So I decided to enjoy the experience, and I did! I was practically falling a sleep during the “painful”  part of the session (breaking up the tissue). He asked me if I was ok and I said, “Yeah, it’s actually really relaxing.” This made him laugh. And I knew because of this experience which wasn’t supposed to feel the greatest I had taken control of the experience and my reaction to it.

I felt so good afterwards, that I wanted to go home and do some Yoga and Meditation Exercises. This totally turned my day around.

Even yesterday after a trying game of soccer I went home excited at the thought of doing Yoga and Meditation. It feels amazing to be doing things I enjoy! I am a lot more excitd about both Yoga and Meditation.

I’ve also been journaling which has been super rewarding. Every time I journal I’m  pulling in that positive happy feeling because all I am focusing on is the things that make my soul feel eluminated.

Also my audition for Theatre at York is this Sunday!! CRAZINESS! I remember when I had first decided to do this for myself. So I’ve been taking time each day to walk through or sit in the CFT building to visualize what it feels like to be in the program already. The feeling is incredible. It feels just right, like it fits and like it will help me to open myself up to a lot of amazing things!

Don’t hesitate to make yourself happier!
Tori J Wilcox


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