Birthday & Control & Feeling Wonderful

Hey all!

So today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I have recieved so much love already today and I feel spectacular! I’ve recieved everything from HBD to Harry Potter and Zombie realted birthday wishes. Its been great.

So lots to talk about today! Firstly, my audition for Theatre @ York was this past Sunday. It was an amazing day and it only reasurred me that that is exactly where I want to be! I keep visualizing my acceptance and nearly every time… ok who am I kidding, every time I get tears in my eyes. Sound like a bit much? It isn’t. Visualizing it a strong tool when you want something but feeling and believing is even stronger.

Second, I’ve been slacking on the Yoga and Meditation and boy do I feel it! This morning I did birthday Yoga and I am SO glad I did. I was super tight though, just taking a few days off really effected me. I also noticed my anxiety levels going up when I wasn’t praciticing Yoga and Meditation.

Third, here is a thought I came across a few days ago, you know the saying “Everything happens for a reason”? When I would think of this saying or someone would say it I always saw it as everything that happens to you, good or bad has a purpose and will therefor better you. Now the other day when I thought of it a completely different thing came to mind…
What if “Everything happens for a reason” means everything that happens to you is caused by you, you are the reason these things happen, good or bad. The reason is you.
Obviously my mind was blown. This all comes back to my talking about taking control of your life and taking responsibility for your life.

Once you start realizing that YOU are the reason for everything in your life, NOT anyone else it is extremely empowering! So think on that for a few minutes. I mean it, sit there and really grasp the fact that you are the reason everything in your life happens. You can blame a bad outcome on someone else but really its all how you precieve it and how you handle it that will determine the outcome it has on you.

Four, I can’t believe I am twenty-four. Feels crazy. I pictured my life so different at this age. But I feel truly happy because at age twenty-four I am perusing my passions and reaching out to other in hopes of helping them!

I feel completely wonderful today, so one of my new goals is to attract this feeling every day! People shouldn’t have to wait for their birthdays to feel this special! Make everyone around you feel special today!

Check out the song I added to my Music & Expression page! It’s obviously birthday inspired!

Loving life! 🙂
Tori J Wilcox


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