A Movement

As I sit here writing this post I have a feeling of frustration in my inner being. The reason I have this feeling is because of something I watched last night. Only the feeling I had then was not this feeling, it was one of hope and inspiration! It was one of purpose and motivation!

Last night a dear friend of mine told me to watch a video on YouTube called Kony 2012. So my guy, Greg and I watched it. For those thirty minutes we were introduced to something we knew little to nothing about. Suddenly by the end we felt compelled and instantly bought an action kit.
I felt inspired to spread the word to as many people as I could, so I decided the next morning I would post it on Facebook and text people in my phone.

This morning I woke up and started doing those things, I started connecting with people. Some people had just seen the video too and were just as inspired and ambitious as I was. Some had no idea what it was so I told them to get informed. Then, as I should have known, there were people who had a different view and opinion.

I have learned to be as open minded as possible, but the frustration has started to ease in as the day goes on. I have been seeing more and more negative opinions and comments on Stop Kony.

Yes I agree with them, people aren’t as informed as they could be.
Yes I understand that people are believing in this cause out of no where.
Yes I see that people are just jumping on the bandwagon.

However, if YOU want to make a change and you don’t BELIEVE in this Stop Kony movement then stop being so goddamn negative and make a CHANGE yourself!

INFORM PEOPLE, instead of telling them how “stupid” they are for believing in something they no nothing about.
UNDERSTAND, that we need to make causes like these famous so that people will have, in your thoughts, purpose to believe.
TAKE ACTION, and show people that there is more to do than just retweeting and FBing when they believe in a cause.

It is so easy for some of us to COMPLAIN about all of this. But why not actually get off your ass and do something about it?

This movement is powerful, its inspirational. The world is coming together through social media and CONNECTING for a CAUSE. And that is one of the reasons I believe in this cause.
People say we are too late. They Invisible Children doesn’t give enough money to the kids. That Kony isn’t a threat anymore.

Is you sitting there complaining and being Mr and Mrs Know-It-All’s any better than people who are working TOGETHER towards a common goal or cause they believe in?

At least these people are TRYING TO MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE. And if you think they are doing it wrong then show them how to improve. You can talk about it or you can be about it.

We should be lifting each other up! Not talking each other down.

It is never too late to come together as a world of people and fight for something. Because at the very least it proves that we can work together and we can create a platform for change. We can change the world of social media from something superficial to something that gives way to information and education.

So I write to you as a supporter of Stop Kony because I believe in the action of connecting all of us around the world to tackle a cause. I also believe that this movement is a powerful tool for showing us HOW TO TAKE ACTION for things we believe in.

So if you don’t believe in the Stop Kony movement, try to take your negative opinions and mold them into something we can use for positive change.

Take action,
Tori J Wilcox


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