100 Day Gong and 30 Day Challenge

Wow. It’s been a while.

I can happily say I am doing awesome and I have some super cool things to share with you.

The first is the 100 Day Gong. So what is a 100 Day Gong? Well its a 100 day commitment to a practice. The two practices I have chosen are Yoga and Meditation. This requires a HUGE thanks to my brother Dax who texted me about 14 days ago and asked me if I wanted to do a 100 Day Gong. Trusting him I said yes even before I knew what it was. When he explained it, I was so down.

It has been just the right amount of obligation without the pressure. It also helps that I enjoy both practices. So I am on day 13, I started off by doing them both in the morning. Then because my schedule changed (I started training for my AWESOME summer job), I started doing them at night before bed.
I found I wasn’t enjoying it as much so I switched back to the AM routine. I LOVE IT! I feel like me. It sets me up for a great day 🙂

I recommend a 100 Day Gong if there is a practice you want to commit to and need that extra push.

Now for the creative side! My 30 Day challenge with You, Me and Charlie.

Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 1.18.40 PM

Basically it is a 30 day challenge that encourages you to indulge in your creativity! They’ll post a new challenge ever day. I am super excited because my new roommate Lindsey is also doing it with me. I encourage you to do it and see what happens.

At the very least it is a time for YOU. It give you to obligation to spend time with yourself and express yourself. And I think that is awesome.

So commit to something that interests and inspires you. Its a great personal experience that you can share with your network or even keep to yourself.

Get involved with you,
Tori J Wilcox


5 thoughts on “100 Day Gong and 30 Day Challenge

  1. I am super excited to start learning more about myself by using my creative outlets! Thank you very much for showing me this particular challenge! It only takes one person like you, to spread good news about being positive and continually growing as an individual.

    • AH! It’s moments like this that encourage me to continue my journey and encourage others to do the same! You inspire me and I am so glad to have someone like you in my life 🙂 Yay to common interests and passions!

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