Prompt Number One: Personal Manifesto

Hey all!

You know that 30 day challenge I’m taking part in? I have officially taken action for day one.

This was today’s instruction:
Prompt #1- Write your personal manifesto. This could be an essay, a sentence, a word… the beginning of your novel. Get creative. What are you about?

I felt so inspired after work that I went straight to the bookstore and bought a new sketchpad, markers and pencil crayons. Then the ideas just kept flowing. Instead of doubting myself or worrying if it would be the right idea to share with my fellow Charlies I just followed the inspiration.

And my manifest turned out as the following:


A big thanks to You, Me and Charlie without you this wouldn’t have happened.

Get inspired,
Tori Wilcox

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2 thoughts on “Prompt Number One: Personal Manifesto

  1. What a colorful start to this 30-Day challenge – I love it!
    I look forward to see your other approaches 🙂

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