Conversations with The Universe

Some people believe in God, some people believe in Buddha, some people believe in the power of their own mind. Needless to say there are a variety of figures, religions, etc for people to believe in.  I believe in the Universe.

Conversation With The Universe
A thought came to me today about starting a dialogue with the Universe. I already do
have one going but lately I feel the dialogue is going deeper. So I am going to start a series of blogs called Conversations with The Universe.

You know how you can measure a conversation on how you feel? For example, think
of a conversation you had that was only made up of small talk. Now think of a
conversation you had with someone that was inquisitive and in-depth. The two feelings
are vastly different. I feel that I am moving from cheerful, short, small talk with the universe to in-depth, meaningful,  and helpful dialogue.

The first time I remember directly talking to the Universe was during a Meditation
session. I had just decided to say “Hey Universe.” And to my delight I got a reply, “Hi!”   It was the reply of someone eager and excited to be talking with me, like they had been waiting this whole time.

Conversations With Me
Here is something you should probably know, the Universe is me. Just like the Universe is you. It surrounds us, it fills us, it belongs to us, we belong to it. Am I sounding crazy? Well, good! But shame on you! Because what I am really talking about, when you get down to it, is creating a dialogue with yourself.

The reason why I call it Conversations with The Universe is because I need to understand that I have a much bigger impact and much more control over my life than I let myself believe. By believing in the Universe and talking with and confiding in the Universe I am willingly living my own life as a result. The Universe in my mind is the all knowing, all mighty, all capable being. By creating a dialogue with something so huge, I am empowering myself in return.

Benefits of This Dialogue
A benefit of talking to the Universe is that you are releasing your thoughts into the ‘outer world’. Can you recall a time when your head was full of thoughts and you just couldn’t seem to make sense of them? Then you found yourself talking to a friend and suddenly things started to become more clear, more understandable, and more manageable. Talking to the Universe does this for you. Sometimes people are better at giving others advice than giving it to themselves. Starting a dialogue like this creates another version of you coming to you with the problems. Suddenly it’s easier for you to find the right advice. But this advice is coming from the all knowing, all mighty, all capable being called the Universe. It is your subconscious answering you.

I believe this is just one slice of the Universe and all that it is. So I will be back and I will be talking about it some more!

Believe in you!
Tori J Wilcox


2 thoughts on “Conversations with The Universe

  1. Lovely post! And I find that the more that I open myself to the “magic” of the Universe, the more empowered I become. For some reason, I think that we have learned to believe that if we explore our own power that we are somehow being vain or selfish. Instead, I think that we have limitless resources to share and these resources become even more brilliant the more that we tap into our own Uniqueness. When we allow the Universe and our inner voice to become our source of energy, it creates what I have begun to call “ener-joy” (pun intended). So, yes, I am there with you….talk, dream, laugh and play with the phenomenal Universe (which I believe–like you–extends not only outwards but infinitely inwards…) Life is rich and full of surprises that become all the more wonderful when we marvel and view them as our allies in this great adventure! Thanks for your post!

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