Here is The Limit — Now Pass it!

Hey everyone,
As I left my house this morning I asked the universe to throw me a topic to ponder on my walk. And the answer I got back was,
“Why limit yourself to just one?” Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 8.26.09 PMThis made me smile and I instantly got to thinking about the word limit and what it means. On my walk I got to thinking about how so many people around me, including myself, limit themselves. Go ahead and think of your wildest dream. Do you have it? Good! Now did it come with the thought but it’ll never actually happen? Why in the world do you think you can’t achieve it? Is it because others who achieved it did it a different way than you ever could? Are you too old, too young, too uneducated, too whatever? You’re never too anything to live your dream, trust me. (OK, unless it is to fly to outer space with your pet gorilla, but even then I bet that could happen if you put your mind to it!) The reason people are living their dreams today is because they’re a unique individual who at some point believed enough in themselves that others started to notice and joined in. 

Now take my cat for example, his name is Bear, he is relentless968777_4450448273187_1743877403_n when he wants something and he makes sure you know it! He has pure animal drive and if he wants to wake you up in the middle of the night for some cuddles, he’ll make it happen! My point is why can’t we, once we’ve figured out our dream and our passion, go after it with pure, focused, animal drive? It’s because we limit ourselves. I’m reading an amazing book right now called 9780307986931_p0_v1_s260x420May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein and in it she helps you shift your life from one full of fear to one full of love. We limit ourselves because of fear, you can deny it all you want, but you do it and I do it. I can’t be an actor because there are a x number of other people out there who are better than I am and who look better for the role than I do. I can’t be a lifestyle coach because I’m too young and my whole life people have blown me off because of my age and because they don’t think I’m credible. These are fears that I have and I’m aware of them. But screw it! I am an actor and I am a lifestyle coach and I will continue to be those things and grow within them as time goes on, in my own way.

Never limit yourself, you’re much too special and your dream is much too special, you have it for a reason. We all have dreams because if we achieve them we’re our true selves and there is nothing better to give to the world than your true self. So stop limiting yourself right now! Quit it! Be you, be your dream! Work hard and make yourself happy. We’ve all been conditioned to stunt our dreams because they aren’t as financially sound, or aren’t the norm, or aren’t this or aren’t that. This is your life, take control of it. Because out of all those possibilities it was you that was born that day, however many years ago, and it was for a reason. 

Happy walking,
Tori J Wilcox


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