Art & Expression


January 26th, 2012

I was inspired by creating this page so I decided to get artistic once more!
I love photography and though I do not have a ‘nice’ camera my iPhone will do just fine with my stellar photo editing apps!

I’ve decided to start a collection called My Daily Life. It’s going to be close up shots of things in my daily life, my office, my athletics job, my books, my home life, etc.

This installment is the Office Installment:

My favourite is probably the stapler, because it has a little face! 🙂 I want the purpose of this installment to be to remind people of the little joys in life, yes even if its only a little face on their stapler. I think taking the time to notice all these little things will make you much more grateful for your life!

Love the little things!
Tori J Wilcox

January 26th, 2012

I wanted to share some of my art with you. These are the first pieces I’ve done… probably ever (not including finger painting as a child).

I’ve always been extremely intrigued by art but I’ve never had a steady or skilled hand with accuracy. I’m much more comfortable with abstract.
These pieces were created for a theatre project but the experience was thrilling and I am very happy to call them my own outside of a school setting.

I realized after I had started to form the pieces in my mind and make them into something tangible my inspiration was War, more specifically stages of War.
I am not directly effected by War, however I am very fascinated by the history of World War II. It horrifies me and fascinated me all at the same time, so perhaps my creative self focused in on that strong feeling.





Try art, it’s rewarding!
Tori J Wilcox


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