Prompt Number One: Personal Manifesto

Hey all!

You know that 30 day challenge I’m taking part in? I have officially taken action for day one.

This was today’s instruction:
Prompt #1- Write your personal manifesto. This could be an essay, a sentence, a wordā€¦ the beginning of your novel. Get creative. What are you about?

I felt so inspired after work that I went straight to the bookstore and bought a new sketchpad, markers and pencil crayons. Then the ideas just kept flowing. Instead of doubting myself or worrying if it would be the right idea to share with my fellow Charlies I just followed the inspiration.

And my manifest turned out as the following:


A big thanks to You, Me and Charlie without you this wouldn’t have happened.

Get inspired,
Tori Wilcox

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100 Day Gong and 30 Day Challenge

Wow. It’s been a while.

I can happily say I am doing awesome and I have some super cool things to share with you.

The first is the 100 Day Gong. So what is a 100 Day Gong? Well its a 100 day commitment to a practice. The two practices I have chosen are Yoga and Meditation. This requires a HUGE thanks to my brother Dax who texted me about 14 days ago and asked me if I wanted to do a 100 Day Gong. Trusting him I said yes even before I knew what it was. When he explained it, I was so down.

It has been just the right amount of obligation without the pressure. It also helps that I enjoy both practices. So I am on day 13, I started off by doing them both in the morning. Then because my schedule changed (I started training for my AWESOME summer job), I started doing them at night before bed.
I found I wasn’t enjoying it as much so I switched back to the AM routine. I LOVE IT! I feel like me. It sets me up for a great day šŸ™‚

I recommend a 100 Day Gong if there is a practice you want to commit to and need that extra push.

Now for the creative side! My 30 Day challenge with You, Me and Charlie.

Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 1.18.40 PM

Basically it is a 30 day challenge that encourages you to indulge in your creativity! They’ll post a new challenge ever day. I am super excited because my new roommate Lindsey is also doing it with me. I encourage you to do it and see what happens.

At the very least it is a time for YOU. It give you to obligation to spend time with yourself and express yourself. And I think that is awesome.

So commit to something that interests and inspires you. Its a great personal experience that you can share with your network or even keep to yourself.

Get involved with you,
Tori J Wilcox


Hey everyone!

I haven’t forgotten about this wonderful blog! I have just been very busy doing an application for a job at York, which consists of a lot of social media, like twitter and blogging. So I have been doing that! But the application gets sent in today so I will be back to posting here! šŸ™‚

Love and light!
Tori J Wilcox

A Movement

As I sit here writing this post I have a feeling of frustration in my inner being. The reason I have this feeling is because of something I watched last night. Only the feeling I had then was not this feeling, it was one of hope and inspiration! It was one of purpose and motivation!

Last night a dear friend of mine told me to watch a video on YouTube called Kony 2012. So my guy, Greg and I watched it. For those thirty minutes we were introduced to something we knew little to nothing about. Suddenly by the end we felt compelled and instantly bought an action kit.
I felt inspired to spread the word to as many people as I could, so I decided the next morning I would post it on Facebook and text people in my phone.

This morning I woke up and started doing those things, I started connecting with people. Some people had just seen the video too and were just as inspired and ambitious as I was. Some had no idea what it was so I told them to get informed. Then, as I should have known, there were people who had a different view and opinion.

I have learned to be as open minded as possible, but the frustration has started to ease in as the day goes on. I have been seeing more and more negative opinions and comments on Stop Kony.

Yes I agree with them, people aren’t as informed as they could be.
Yes I understand that people are believing in this cause out of no where.
Yes I see that people are just jumping on the bandwagon.

However, if YOU want to make a change and you don’t BELIEVE in this Stop Kony movement then stop being so goddamn negative and make a CHANGE yourself!

INFORM PEOPLE, instead of telling them how “stupid” they are for believing in something they no nothing about.
UNDERSTAND, that we need to make causes like these famous so that people will have, in your thoughts, purpose to believe.
TAKE ACTION, and show people that there is more to do than just retweeting and FBing when they believe in a cause.

It is so easy for some of us to COMPLAIN about all of this. But why not actually get off your ass and do something about it?

This movement is powerful, its inspirational. The world is coming together through social media and CONNECTING for a CAUSE. And that is one of the reasons I believe in this cause.
People say we are too late. They Invisible Children doesn’t give enough money to the kids. That Kony isn’t a threat anymore.

Is you sitting there complaining and being Mr and Mrs Know-It-All’s any better than people who are working TOGETHER towards a common goal or cause they believe in?

At least these people are TRYING TO MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE. And if you think they are doing it wrong then show them how to improve. You can talk about it or you can be about it.

We should be lifting each other up! Not talking each other down.

It is never too late to come together as a world of people and fight for something. Because at the very least it proves that we can work together and we can create a platform for change. We can change the world of social media from something superficial to something that gives way to information and education.

So I write to you as a supporter of Stop Kony because I believe in the action of connecting all of us around the world to tackle a cause. I also believe that this movement is a powerful tool for showing us HOW TO TAKE ACTION for things we believe in.

So if you don’t believe in the Stop Kony movement, try to take your negative opinions and mold them into something we can use for positive change.

Take action,
Tori J Wilcox

Selfishness: The Fine Line

Something I’ve noticed as of late is peoples reactions to my telling them that they have to invest in themselves. It seems some people take this as a green light to become selfish.

I can’t blame them, I’m often saying “You have to invest in you. You have to be a little selfish. Because if you don’t invest in you, you can’t make yourself or anyone else happy.”
However, what I mean when I say this is, yes be selfish in the sense of put yourself first but don’t forget that the people around you areĀ a part of itĀ as well. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t do something for you because your best friend doesn’t believe in Hot Yoga. I’m saying be mindful that investing in you doesn’t mean shutting out your best buds and family. In fact you should include them as much as possible, if they love you they will support your new passion for yoga and meditation and being alcohol free. They may not understand it at first and that is fine. But being selfish also includes letting people in so you can express yourself outwards.

Being a little selfish is important to really giving a crap about yourself. But you must know that you cannot be truly happy without the help of those around you. We need one another, we can’t survive on our own. Being completely selfish is a lonely and unfulfilling road. So when I say be a little selfish, pay attention to the little part.

We are all here together so when I want you to invest in you its to benefit not only yourself and your true happiness but also to benefit the people around you who you care about.
Its just like when people say you cannot truly love someone and they cannot love you unless you love yourself. I want all of you to be so full of love for yourself and your happiness that it will easily flow over and touch those around you.

What I want you to understand is that if you are unhappy and I tell you to invest in yourself there is no way to properly invest in yourself if you blame the people around you or cut them out by being selfish. You can be selfish and still be warm and welcoming to your loved ones.

I don’t mean only do things for yourself and make every day a broadway musical centering on you and only you.Ā I mean find things that you love and that you are passionate about and make the time to do those things. Finding the time and making the time to do those things will help make you into the best version of yourself, thus benefiting everyone.

It can be painting, doing yoga, dancing, drawing, acting, writing… anything that helps you to express yourself and anything that helps you to take notice in yourself and your bliss.

So please don’t become selfish, this will only damage you and the people around you. Become mindful and invest in you and reshape your life to surround your happiness.
You cannot be your truest and happiest self unless you are investing in you and surrounding yourself with your passions.

How do you know when you are being too selfish? Your emotions are a big tool for this. When you are not on the right path for you, your emotions will help you to see this. There are good and bad emotions and feelings. When you are investing in yourself and doing it with true intentions your emotions and feeling will reflect positively. When you are being selfish and you are not on the right path your emotions and feelings will tell you this by relfecting negatively. So be mindful of how you feel when you are investing in yourself and you will be notified.

Don’t only invest in the people around you. AndĀ don’t only worry about their well being.Ā Take time for yourself and be happy!

Get happy,
Tori J Wilcox

Birthday & Control & Feeling Wonderful

Hey all!

So today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I have recieved so much love already today and I feel spectacular! I’ve recieved everything from HBD to Harry Potter and Zombie realted birthday wishes. Its been great.

So lots to talk about today! Firstly, my audition for Theatre @ York was this past Sunday. It was an amazing day and it only reasurred me that that is exactly where I want to be! I keep visualizing my acceptance and nearly every time… ok who am I kidding, every time I get tears in my eyes. Sound like a bit much? It isn’t. Visualizing it a strong tool when you want something but feeling and believing is even stronger.

Second, I’ve been slacking on the Yoga and Meditation and boy do I feel it! This morning I did birthday Yoga and I am SO glad I did. I was super tight though, just taking a few days off really effected me. I also noticed my anxiety levels going up when I wasn’t praciticing Yoga and Meditation.

Third, here isĀ a thought I came across a few days ago, you know the saying “Everything happens for a reason”? When I would think of this saying or someone would say it I always saw it as everything that happens to you, good or bad has a purpose and will therefor better you. Now the other day when I thought of it a completely different thing came to mind…
What if “Everything happens for a reason” means everything that happens to you is caused by you, you are the reason these things happen, good or bad. The reason is you.
Obviously my mind was blown. This all comes back to my talking about taking control of your lifeĀ and taking responsibility for your life.

Once you start realizing that YOU are the reason for everything in your life, NOT anyone else it is extremely empowering! So think on that for a few minutes. I mean it, sit there and really grasp the fact that you are the reason everything in your life happens. You can blame a bad outcome on someone else but really its all how you precieve it and how you handle it that will determine the outcome it has on you.

Four, I can’t believe I am twenty-four. Feels crazy. I pictured my life so different at this age. But I feel truly happy because at age twenty-four I am perusing my passions and reaching out to other in hopes of helping them!

I feel completely wonderful today, so one of my new goals is to attract this feeling every day! People shouldn’t have to wait for their birthdays to feel this special! Make everyone around you feel special today!

Check out the song I added to my Music & Expression page! It’s obviously birthday inspired!

LovingĀ life! šŸ™‚
Tori J Wilcox

Personal Update

Hey all!

So I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. I feel happy! I feel more in control than I ever remember feeling. I’m actively starting to change my moods and my experiences.

For example I woke up Monday morning and I hadĀ a serious case of “It’s Monday, and I’m moody”. (Blue Mountain left me in a bit of a slump because of lack of sleep). I was on my way to acupuncture, not in the mood at all, but I started to remember, its up to me to change this mood. So I decided to enjoy the experience, and I did! I was practically falling a sleep during the “painful”Ā  part of the session (breaking up the tissue). He asked me if I was ok and I said, “Yeah, it’s actually really relaxing.” This made him laugh. And I knew because of this experience which wasn’t supposed to feel the greatest I had taken control of the experience and my reaction to it.

I felt so good afterwards, that I wanted to go home and do some Yoga and Meditation Exercises. This totally turned my day around.

Even yesterday after a trying game of soccer I went home excited at the thought of doing Yoga and Meditation. It feels amazing to be doing things I enjoy! I am a lot more excitd about both Yoga and Meditation.

I’ve also been journaling which has been super rewarding. Every time I journal I’mĀ  pulling in that positive happy feeling because all I am focusing on is the things that make my soul feel eluminated.

Also my audition for Theatre at York is this Sunday!! CRAZINESS! I remember when I had first decided to do this for myself. So I’ve been taking time each day to walk through or sit in the CFT building to visualize what it feels like to be in the program already. The feeling is incredible. It feels just right, like it fits and like it will help me to open myself up to a lot of amazing things!

Don’t hesitate to make yourself happier!
Tori J Wilcox

When Does Life Start?

So I’ve been reflecting on a thought I’ve been known to have. It’s also a thought that I share with a lot of my friends. I often find us saying, “I’m so excited for my life to finally start.” And by saying this we mean we’re excited to be out of school and have a career, and have a property or a home and… well have a stable life.

We make choices every day that make us happy, don’t we? We make choices that we think will benefit us, don’t we?

So why it is, that we are all living our lives and yet can’t wait to start our lives?

It seems to me that we have all beenĀ  raised to think all of this, the school and the summer jobs is just a means to an end so we can get to the real picture. But you know what scares me and has scared me for a long time? Is what if when we get there we realize our life still hasn’t started yet. There will always be things that we want to achieve wont there? Will they all fill us with the sense that without them everything is just a means to an end, is it all just a cycle?

Man that sounds terrible! So what do we want? What is stopping us from spending our time NOW doing what we want? How can we fix this feeling of longing?

Well I think the first step is to really sit down and think, to realize with every sense of ones self that we are living right now. I’m alive, I was born on February 2nd, 1988 and on that day my life started.

I think what we need is a new perspective. This is our life, right now, right here. We have the control, we got ourselves here. Wow, how powerful is that? To realize that for the last almost twenty-four years I have been already living my life. I have done whatever it is I did to get myself here, right now. Which must mean that I can go on living my life being in control. Perhaps I was on autopilot, well now its time to fly the plane being conscious of the choices I make.

Instead of constantly looking a head and thinking “I’ll be happy when…” you have to realize that if you don’t take control of your life now you wont just magically be happy when you get there.

So since you are in control of the choices you make, and I know it may not seem like you are sometimes, but you truly are. This means you can make yourself happy now. You can take the life you’ve given yourself now and with some hard work you wont have to keep saying “I’ll be to happy when my life starts.” I mean if that is the case then you should be happy now shouldn’t you? Since your life started the day you were born.

The New Year

So apparently last year was my year… One of my colleagues was looking up Chinese Horoscopes and I’m the year of the Rabbit and 2011 was the year of the Rabbit.

She asked me if I had had a good year. I paused and thought about it. I have been through some hardships over the past year, but a lot of amazing things came out of it. So I settled with, “It was a very eye-opening year.”

Now its 2012, the year of the Dragon (which is her year) and although according to Chinese Horoscopes its not my year… I still feelĀ that it is my year.

I want you to reflect and realizeĀ those things you want to do, what things you want to achieve within this year to make it your year.

I have a few New Years resolutions for this year and so far, although I have not started all of them the ones that I have startedĀ are making me feel extremely empowered and very much in control of my life and my well being.

The biggest two are mediation and little to no alcohol.

If you’ve read my previous posts you know I love meditation, though it can be trying at times, its rewards are amazing! So far I have been meditating before bed and it’s been great. I’ve started to reread Sally Kempton’s Meditation for The Love of It. I think making it not only something I do physically but also putting it into my life in other forms, i.e reading and educating myself on it really helps to make it a prominant thing in my life. I seriously recommend taking up meditation if you have issues with sleeping, stress, anxiety, etc. It can be hard work at times, but it makes your life much more enjoyable.

I was having a few issues near the end of my Holiday break and when I went to my doctor I was extremely suprised, and very happy that she wanted me to takeĀ up Meditation and Breathing Exercises.

I’ve had many different relationships with alcohol in my life. When I entered high school, alot of my peers were drinking, I wasn’t much for it. I was confident with going to parties completely sober and I’d end up having an awesome time. Then I fell subject to the fun that alcohol can cause. Since then its be one of the staples of being social and having fun. I really have nothing against this. But then I realized how much harm it was causing me and the people around me. I was feeling like complete shit for up to two days after a night of drinking, I was disappointing people I cared about and overall it just wasn’t in alignment with what I really wanted for myself. So on New Year Eve I had my last few drinks andĀ I’ve hadĀ thirteen days being alcohol free.

You’ll notice that my New Years resolution was little to no alcohol. The last thing I wanted to do was feel pressured not to drink and to stress myself out if I wanted a glass of wine with dinner. But honestly I am so extremely happy with my choice. I saw how negatively it was effecting me and I made a serious change for my well being.

I’m not sure how long this will go on for and I do have my worries, but last night I was sitting at a table with six other people who were drinking and I didn’t feel the need be drinking with them. I still felt included.
Also my college have a Ski Trip coming up and its known for being party central. I’ve been worrying about it lately, wondering what it will be like, should I have a beer or two? Should I just not? Then I realized whatever choice I make then, I know I’ll have my best interest at heart, whether its to enjoy a nice cold beer or a glass of wine with my friends or to hang out sober.

Reflect on the things in your life and see how they make you feel physically and mentally. Are these things in alignment with what you really want out of your life?

Happy relfecting!
Tori J Wilcox

Gratitude and Love For Ones Self

Please expect a few upcoming posts that will most likely have to do with my current journey involving The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Two things the teachers of The Secret tell you to do is make a Gratitude List and a I Love Me List. I’m going to share with you a few things from each of my own personal lists. (These are not necessarily in order of my actual list)

My Gratitude List
1. I am grateful for my parents, for their love and for showing me how to love myself. As well as for the way they have provided for me and the opportunities they have given me.
2. I am grateful for my brother for always believing in me and for showing me the way to my journey.
3. I am grateful for the practices that have come my way, such as Meditation and Yoga.
4. I am grateful for my creative nature and each opportunity to be creative.
5. I am grateful for my abundance of wellness and balance.

The Gratitude List (mine right now sits at 34) has the purpose of showing you just how amazing your life if right now. If you are grateful, you are sending out positive energy. The more positive energy you send out the more you will experience within yourself.
The teachers of The Secret encourage you to also write down things you would be grateful for if you had them. Thinking of them will help them to be true. So write down the things you are grateful for but also for the things you want. Soon they will all be available in the present if you wish them to be.

My “I Love Me” List
1. I love my passion for learning different life impacting practices.
2. I love my passion for creativity and the arts and how much I believe they influence and change lives.
3. I love my relationship with my family and how much I cherish their company and their love.
4. I love my passion for The Secret and the Law of Attraction.
5. I love my passion for truly helping and inspiring others to live their happiest lives.

The I Love Me List (I am currently at 6) serves the purpose of encouraging positive thoughts towards yourself and also the way you live. You MUST love yourself unconditionally. Making this list will open your eyes to things you never even thought of yourself before. The more you love yourself the more you love the people around you, and the more you can give to the people you care about. (This is also a good tool to weed out the people who don’t treat you well. Once you realize how amazing you are, your energy will shift and soon only the people who truly care about you and believe you to be amazing will still be around).

Making the things you want in life manifest from thoughts to things is a big step towards change. You have to be willing to live your life for you! Do you think you are worth the change? Do you think you deserve to be happy? I know you do. So start making these lists and add to them each day and take the time to be grateful for your life!

Do not feel discouraged if these things don’t happen immediately. Keep investing in yourself and you will be rewarded!

Love life,
Tori J Wilcox